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"Hout means Wood in Dutch and although my journey with Hout began in the Netherlands many years ago, I moved my Company to Cumbria, UK in 2005 and have been trading here since – I am passionate and meticulous in my work and I hope you will feel inspired to contact me" - Sjouke Minkema


Fine furniture, kitchens and wooden structures created to Commission are necessarily unique and the projects I work on are diverse – the link is wood, and my creativity is borne out of a passion for wood and its fusion with both form and structure. Over the years my relationship and understanding of wood - it's possibilities and limitations has engendered a minimalist simplicity in my designs. The resultant fusion of 'Contemporary' and 'Traditional' in Style, Technique and Function permits the essence of the wood to be experienced with no compromise on functionality.

Although each bespoke Commission results in a uniquely designed and crafted product, I see my creative role as the provider of a service – taking a client’s concept and bringing it to a durable, functional, technically sound and beautiful piece or structure, that enhances both the space in which it sits, and the users experience of that space.  I particularly enjoy the challenge of creating new designs for precise and unique locations, as well as designing solutions for areas constrained by spatial limitations.  

My work is client specific which, by its nature, means I am personally involved in each project from design to creation. Larger projects are managed with the same ethos - and by ensuring sufficient lead times and good logistics!

I have a sincere ‘green’ ideology, using only sustainably produced (mostly locally grown) hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, Cherry, Elm, Walnut, Yew, Beech and Sycamore, as well as a working knowledge of associated ecological materials.

You are very welcome (by appointment) to visit my Studio and Workshop (bordering Lancashire and Cumbria) to get inspiration or to discuss ideas, concepts and possibilities.